Cloud Anonymous - Got a cloud confession? Take a seat and let's talk

Ever wondered what your fellow cloud architects really think?

We did too, so we’ve launched an event.

We're debunking myths, discussing the realities of cloud adoption and exploring when the term cloud, became so clouded. We’re bringing together cloud architects, engineers and technologists to unpick the unspoken realities of cloud – tackling topics such as reliance on suppliers, data sovereignty, sustainability and more.

No bulls**t – just open debate and discussion with peers.

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Yes, 'Cloud Anonymous' is a pun – how long has it been since you made a bad cloud decision?

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HPE and VMware believe this is the decade of hybrid cloud. There is an observable shift in cloud culture, with a growing movement to be more conscious when developing cloud strategies.

Together, HPE and VMware recognise that organisations need solutions that complement their existing infrastructure and strategy. In partnership we co-engineer market-leading solutions that virtualize organisations’ data centres and simplify management across multi-cloud and on-premises environments, accelerating your path to modernisation.

Clouded - Uncovering the culture of the cloud

Watch it here

Cloud Anonymous is born of our long term study in the culture of cloud – if you haven't seen it, this culminated in a feature-length documentary called ‘Clouded’. Yup, a documentary about your world. We think it’s a first.

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Come and join us.
Take a seat and let's talk.

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